Rules for the sale of goods in the online store www.redironshop.com

  1. Goods posted on the site are intended for personal consumption.
  2. The Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights“.
  3. The Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Part Two), detailed information is specified in Article 497 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
  4. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 612 of 27.09.2007 “On approval of rules for the sale of goods by remote means“.
  5. The list of non-food goods of appropriate quality, not subject to return or exchange for a similar product of other size, shape, size, style, color or bundle”, approved by Government Decree of 19.01.1998 No. 55
  6. The order is formed through the website “Red Iron Shop” (www.redironshop.com).
  7. The consumer has the right to pay for the Goods in cash or by non-cash payments. Cash payment is carried out by courier or employee of the point of self-delivery (office) at the time of delivery.
  8. Non-cash payment can be made by bank transfer, using a bank card in accordance with the procedure specified on the website www.redironshop.com. The cost of transferring money to the Seller’s account is borne by the Buyer.
  9. The consumer has the right to independently obtain the Goods at the point of self-exportation “Red iron shop” (office). Delivery of the Goods can be carried out by courier (within Moscow) or by Post of Russia.
  10. If the return is made by calling a courier service, the courier’s departure is paid by the Consumer in the amount of 300 (three hundred) rubles.
  11. The consumer has the right to refuse the Goods at any time prior to its transfer, and after the transfer of the goods – within fourteen days. Return of the Goods of proper quality is possible in the case if its presentation, consumer properties are preserved, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions for the purchase of the specified Goods. Absence of the specified document by the Consumer does not deprive him of the opportunity to refer to other evidence of the acquisition of the Goods from this seller. The consumer has no right to refuse the Goods of proper quality, having individual-specific properties, if the said Goods can only be used by the Consumer who acquires it.
  12. If the Consumer refuses the Goods, the “Red Iron Shop” shall refund the amount paid by the Consumer, with the exception of the expenses of the “Red iron shop” for delivery from the buyer and / or to the buyer of the returned goods, not later than 10 days from the date of the Consumer’s requirements.
  13. Return of the Goods of the proper quality, are carried out at the choice of the Client by calling the courier service “Red iron shop”, at the point of self-exportation of the online store “Red iron shop” or by mail of Russia and only at the address: 129337, Russian Federation, Moscow, Jaroslavskoe shosse, 22-1, ap. 164, at his own expense.